Who We Are

Since our humble beginnings in 1980 as Dixie Graphics, we’ve grown from a one-room office into an industry leading, state-of-the-art facility—but our commitment to our clients’ success has never changed. We've continued to offer high quality, cost-effective marketing services that keep our clients ahead of their competition. From targeted direct mail campaigns to healthcare market research support, DG consistently delivers exceptional results on time and in budget. And we’ll continue to grow with that same goal in mind: Delivering best-in-industry technology and services for our clients.

    We offer a full range of services from printing business cards and brochures to end-to-end solutions for large-scale national mailing projects. With extensive experience in market research, online surveys, design, print, mail, and data capture, we can do it all. Plus, we have an in-house United States Postal Service facility to better serve our clients. There's no need to source from one vendor to another: We can handle your entire project from start to finish.

    Located just 45 minutes from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson international airport, our state-of-the-art facility is a secure 24,000-square foot production facility that’s fully equipped to take your print project from ideation to production. From initial research to final document shredding, all work is done on-site with cutting-edge print and design equipment and the most up-to-date software on the market.

What Distinguishes DG

We are your multi-faceted resource

  • Our clients turn to us for commercial printing, direct mail, data capture, mixed-mode market research management and Internet-based surveys.
  • We also offer design services, transactional printing, binding, warehousing, and fulfillment.
  • We have the resources to drop directly into the mail-stream within 24 hours.

We are industry experts

  • We have worked as NCQA, HSAG, CMS, VA and DOD survey vendors since 2001.
  • We have managed large-scale CMS and NCQA projects since 2002.
  • We have carried out print production requests for CAHPS, ICH, PCMH, MA-CAHPS, HOS and many more regulated healthcare projects.

We are committed to being cost-effective

  • We produced a $125,000 postage savings for an AARP patient survey.
  • We implemented a self-patented mailer for three HOS approved national vendors that resulted in an $80,000 savings.
  • We generated a $2.5 million postage savings over a five-year contract for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Million Veteran’s Program.

We are a team of specialists

  • We have two trained Certified Mail Piece Design (CMPD) experts on staff.
  • Our press department has over 120 combined years of experience.
  • Our facility has Bell and Howell certified technicians on-site.

Why Choose Us

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Our security systems have been developed to meet the stringent security demands of some of the largest and most conservative financial services companies, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.
  • HIPAA compliant with annual third party audits
  • Network is protected by WatchGuard firewalls
  • Capable of handling PGP, WinRAR and Secure Zip encrypted files
  • All files remain encrypted even when our servers are at rest
  • Perform on-site document shredding once projects are completed


Our production systems utilize advanced barcode printing and scanning technology to deliver your projects on time with 100% accuracy and unparalleled data integrity.
  • Our inkjet systems also have the ability to apply barcodes to any printed piece and to include static information such as health plan or physician’s name.
  • Each inkjet production line is equipped with a Cognex camera system that scans every piece of printed material to ensure both readability and that each record is accounted for.
  • Scans are captured in real-time to a secure FTP folder so that your project managers have the ability to view and check their projects while they are in production.
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Our mail inserter camera systems provide match verification on each and every single piece of mail—that means 100% accountability.
  • Lake Image cameras read in real-time and process printed recipient matchesas fast as 10,000 pieces per hour.
  • If at any time the mail recipient is not a match to the contents, these cameras immediately shut down production and require operator verification before continuing.
  • The software behind these cameras provides accuracy reports and an opportunity for your project managers to watch production via a restricted VPN.


Our workflow tracking system keeps your project managers informed with up-to-date status reports and delivery results.
  • Our production team works directly with your project manager to set deadlines and mail dates.
  • All document proofing is done electronically through ProofHQ to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Reporting is a simple operation with automatic export features that can be
  • sent through email or posted to a custom scheduling site for your project.
  • Dashboards allow you to immediately track the results of your campaign, gaining you the opportunity for a better, more informed decision-making concerning the information you have available for your clients.
  • Postal Track monitors your project’s path to recipient mailboxes, identifying possible delays and predicting response windows for your campaign.
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Industries We Serve


Since 2003, we’ve been committed to offering secure, one-stop printing solutions for government agencies. From printing & mailing to response processing and data collection, every step of your federal research survey can be conducted in one facility with DG.



Hospitals, physicians and insurance companies are facing skyrocketing costs for printing and mailing. But DG is your versatile, cost-effective resource for confidential member communication, like Explanation of Benefits letters, as well as printing and mailing of healthcare market research surveys.



Gone are the days of generic customer communication. With advanced variable data, we are able to take your financial institution’s client mailings from cookie-cutter to custom with ease. Plus, we adhere to stringent security standards to ensure your client’s personal information stays confidential.



In an ever-changing marketing landscape coupled with high printing costs, auto dealers need an innovative resource to reach their audience. At DG, we’ve developed a tested method of customer acquisition direct marketing that is proven to expand your existing customer base.

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