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Bell and Howell Producer 400DM inserter

Are you keeping up? It seems like information is constantly evolving right now, making it difficult to stay up-to-date. As businesses reopen, we need fast, effective communication more than ever.  Speed is critical to moving forward. That’s why we’ve invested nearly half a million dollars to add the Bell and Howell Producer 400DM inserter to…
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Positive shift in response rates for market research

Over the last few months, Covid-19 has caused a significant shift in our entire world, including market research. What do these changes mean for data collection? We’d like to share a few key takeaways we are seeing with the addition of shelter-in-place orders.  Currently, there is a positive shift in response rates for market research.…
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DG tells an updated story

There’s a great reason why more healthcare, financial services and government agencies trust DG Solutions to protect their valuable data and manage the complicated nature of coordinating communications across channels securely and effectively. Through our multi-mode data collection and communication channels including web, mail, SMS, and our own 200 seat call center, we offer a…
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USPS Informed Delivery

DG Solutions works tirelessly to help clients communicate effectively and efficiently across multi mode/multi channel communications. We’re always thrilled to share an exciting opportunity – the Informed Delivery (ID) digital channel through USPS. Do you know about Informed Delivery? The USPS program increases the value of hardcopy mail through digital access, letting clients/prospects interact with…
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