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Workflow Tracking

Automation Is The Key To Effective Scheduling And Communication. Our automated workflow tracking system allows for immediate status and delivery updates. Your project manager can work side by side with our production team scheduling deadlines and mail dates. Each project is initiated with a barcoded job ticket in our EFI Printsmith workflow system. This job…
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Cutting edge visual technology and innovation has given us the ability to provide you with real-time access to your data while maintaining high security and confidentiality. Whether you are tracking return rates or undeliverable mailings, Dashboards allows you to immediately retrieve your results, gaining you the opportunity for a better, more informed decision concerning the…
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DG Postal Track

We strive to improve your customer service with our postal tracking system. Designed to monitor mail delivery windows, identify processing delays, predict response windows for direct mail campaigns, and also to ensure vendors are performing as contracted. All of which we trust will help to take the stress out of your mailings.
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