Cognex Cameras

Cognex Cameras are used to verify the readability and content of the printed barcodes as they are produced.

Improved Barcode Technology offers enhanced tracking and unparalleled data integrity. Our systems rely on barcodes to deliver your projects on time and with verified 100% accuracy.

Barcodes can be applied to any printed piece using our Bryce Inkjet Systems with the ability to print single or two dimensional barcodes. The barcode generally includes the unique questionnaire number as well as the member identification number. Our inkjet systems also have the ability to print static information such as Health Plan or Physicians names.

Each inkjet production line is equipped with a Cognex camera system that provides validation and reporting for our clients. These barcode readers scan each piece of printed material as it travels down the conveyor belt. The scan provides a number of functions, first it verifies each barcode meets ISO 9001 standard for readability. Second, it verifies that each record has been tracked and printed by recording its unique member id to a data string for validation.

Our readers are capable of capturing 45 scans per second. These scans are also captured in real time to a secure FTP folder so that your project managers have the ability to view and check their projects for accuracy while they are being printed. It offers an opportunity for a glance over our operators shoulder.


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