DG Installs new IP 5000 for our clients

The InfoPrint 5000 takes us one step closer to our vision of full digital production. The equipment offers our clients far greater capability for high impact full color and full variable output at a fraction of traditional color print costs. In a market where response rates are on continuous decline, DG is offering better, more efficient solutions to draw attention to critical communications. The InfoPrint 5000  greatly increases capacity, printing at speeds of 51,000 full color variable letters per hour. We can offer much greater speeds to market for regulatory projects and timely market research studies.

Operating in a full digital environment also reduces errors by eliminating preprinted material. There’s no need for inventory, it’s all handled in one operation at speeds that eliminate any need for maintaining inventory.

It’s always our goal to provide our DG partners an advantage in the market place. Call us today to see how you could offer your clients complimentary color logos or physicians photos.


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