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Healthcare Call Center Solutions

With DG Connections you get a reliable partner for your healthcare outreach and engagement. Whether you need to reach patients, plan members, or healthcare providers, we can offer the perfect solution for your needs. Our decades of experience partnering with healthcare organizations, strong commitment to quality, and dedicated team mean you get services you can trust.

The need to stay compliant with industry regulations means patient and member outreach is more vital than ever for healthcare organizations. Proactive outreach not only keeps your organization compliant, it keeps patients and members engaged, often improving outcomes.

A well-planned engagement and outreach program not only provides your team with valuable insights into performance, but also helps foster lasting relationships with patients and members.


New Member Welcome Calls
Welcome new members and start off on the right foot with New Member Calls from DG Connections.  With a New Member Welcome Call Campaign through DG Connections, you can address regulatory requirements, offer an official welcome to the plan, and assess their starting satisfaction with their coverage.



Health Risk Assessments
Engage with members, assess needs, and minimize risk with a Health Risk Assessment Campaign from DG Connections.
Our professional, courteous staff will create a complete overview of each members health information. This will allow you to determine the proper follow-up, helping them to get the best care and reduce your exposure to risk.



Auditing Access to Care
Be sure your patients and members have the best access to care and that providers are exceeding standards with Access to Care Auditing from DG Connections.
We offer two campaign types for auditing access to care. One audits providers, the other surveys patients and members. After campaigns are completed, we offer in-depth reporting on our findings.



Discharge Follow-Up
Reduce readmission rates and increase patient satisfaction with a Discharge Follow-Up Campaign from DG Connections.  A Discharge Follow-Up campaign reduces readmission risk by having our professional agents contact patients in the first few days following discharge. We will make sure they understand their after-care instructions, identify any possible complication risks, and answer any questions they might have.


HEDIS® Care Gap Initiatives
Close gaps in care that impact your HEDIS measures with a HEDIS Care Gap Campaign from DG Connections.  HEDIS provides you with valuable information regarding the care your members are receiving. With the right outreach, you can close any identified gaps and improve your HEDIS compliance.


Custom Call Center Campaigns
We are here to be your partner in member/patient outreach, whatever that means for you. Custom Campaign Examples:
•    Preventive Care Outreach
•    Appointment Reminders
•    Prenatal Care Outreach
•    Happy Birthday Calls
•    Renewal Reminders


Download the Healthcare Call Center PDF for more.

With DG Solutions you have access to everything you need for your healthcare organization's needs: 

• Recruitment Campaigns
-Direct mail     -Email     -SMS      -Web
• Enrollment Packets
• Membership Packets
• FDA Recall Announcements
• Explanation of Benefits

Multi-Mode Data
• Web Surveys
• Mail Surveys
• CATI Interviews
• Scanning

Why choose DG Solutions?

Less oversight for security- we are ISO 27001 certified

Kofax scanning technology for best in the industry

Voxco IVR and CATI partner with over 150 agents ready to handle your call center project

25,000 Square feet for print and mail production

 Or call a DG Representative for more at 770-972-2354