Positive shift in response rates for market research

Over the last few months, Covid-19 has
caused a significant shift in our entire world, including market
research. What do these changes mean for data collection? We’d like to
share a few key takeaways we are seeing with the addition of
shelter-in-place orders. 

Currently, there is a positive shift in response rates for market research. Initial data is showing

  • Increased pickup and completion rates for IVR phone calls.
  • Increased need for
    communication during isolation; people are feeling an increased need to
    be heard, and market research enables them to share their experiences
    and opinions. 
  • Decreased amount of junk mail being received; important mail, such as mail surveys, is being opened, completed, and returned. 

At DG Solutions, we understand the challenges you are facing as you
guide your clients through this unprecedented time. We’d like to support
you. As a state-deemed essential business, we are fully operational. We
continue to offer a variety of outreach solutions to bolster your
communication efforts. These services include call center campaigns;
direct mail, email, and SMS communications; as well as web-based

If you find your team has additional data collection needs
during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re
always here to help.

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