Workflow Tracking

Automation Is The Key To Effective Scheduling And Communication. Our automated workflow tracking system allows for immediate status and delivery updates. Your project manager can work side by side with our production team scheduling deadlines and mail dates. Each project is initiated with a barcoded job ticket in our EFI Printsmith workflow system. This job ticket travels through our production line by scanning in and out of each location. Each department is equipped with hand held barcode scanners to log the stages of the projects life cycle. As it enters the next stage it is immediately scanned and located for tracking purposes.

Reporting is a simple operation with automatic export features, we can send reports by email or post to a custom scheduling site for your team or individual project managers.

Our barcode tracking system also allows us to attach artwork files and data files to individual jobs to ensure that the correct material is being used for each printing and mailing. As an additional measure our prepress/design team assigns a part number to each and every item so that we can refer to these items by number and date of last modification.

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